Tuesday, August 29, 2017

On hats

I notice that Il Dictatore sported a white “USA” hat in Corpus Christi today, rather than his usual red one.

But it’s a code, isn’t it?

The red one is the choice of the chair of the Committee to RE-Elect the President (that would be Il Dictatore). It’s the signal to the rabid, racist masses that the Fascist-in-Chief is gunning for the full two terms. Swoon! Oh, and it's for sale, because this regime is all about the grift:

The white one is somewhat more neutral, easily misinterpreted as inoffensive. Because it’s white. And this man likes the white. Uh. Well, that argument didn’t really hold up, did it? So; same message, more benign background, but just as racist:

But notice that on his way to Marine One earlier today he had BOTH in his little mitt. Yes, that is the red hat peeking out from under the white one.

Perhaps this was in case he discovered a rabid crowd of racists waiting for him in Texas, which, when you consider our legislative body and governing elected officials, isn’t hard to imagine. Yet somehow he managed to choose the less offensive hat (we are not going to begin to account for his wife’s choice of footwear…).

Ah, but another hat on display is Melania’s as she disembarks from Air Force One. Notice that her hat says “FLOTUS.” This is because she must be reminded that this is her lot in life, lest she forget that she is First Lady to the worst human being in the world.

I wonder if they force her to wear that hat. It doesn’t go with the snakeskin stilettos, but I’m no fashion expert, so what do I know?

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