Wednesday, August 23, 2017

August 2017 Newsletter (RP Update August 2017 vol 2)

Here is the long version of August's RP Update (vol 2).

Death Is a Laff Riot

One of the reasons I set up this semi-regularly updated mailing list is because I want to share the stuff I make with you. I suppose that’s obvious, but I have to say, it’s practically a compulsion for me. Why make something if not to share?

And it’s driving me nuts that one of the things I made is just sitting here on my desktop, unshared.

It’s a novel, a “soccer noir” (“football noir” for you what lives beyond the confines of the U.S.A.). That is, it’s a soccer murder-mystery. Set in remote Yorkshire. In 1978.

For years, I’ve sought an agent-editor-publisher for Death Is a Laff Riot to no avail. So, instead of waiting any longer, I’m going to publish the story in chunks on a specially dedicated blog.

Start by reading the book blurb on the Laff Riots Official Supporters Club blog.

Then, if your fancy is tickled, you can click through the story, chapter by chapter.

Each week, I’ll upload new chunks of eight to ten chapters until the thing is fully published (I reckon the whole process will take 10 - 12 weeks).

Plus, I’ll be adding bonus material: a playlist of songs mentioned during the telling of the tale and (in the works) an regularly updated narrative of all the coincidences surrounding the writing and (attempted selling) of the manuscript.

Feel free to share the link to the story with anyone you think might like it. Give the literary-minded soccer player in your life the gift of a footballing yarn, right as the new season kicks off in jolly old Eng-er-land.

And, if you discover you just can’t wait for the next installment but want to read the whole story in a single go, let me know and I’ll send you a PDF of the latest draft of the manuscript.

Click here to read the book blurb and begin Death Is a Laff Riot.

1999 Questionnaire

Death Is a Laff Riot may be constrained to the pages of my blog and not, alas, set free to collect dust on bookstore bookshelves the world over, but I have higher hopes for a different story, a second novel, this one set in Austin in 1999.

If you lived in Austin around that time, you can help kick-start my memory by answering a few survey questions about what you did for fun back then (it’s anonymous — I forgot to mention that in my previous email).

Take the survey here.

It’ll take all of five minutes; and if you answer the “personal question” at the end, I’ll put you in the book (if you don’t object, that is). Thanks!

[ samizdat ] Project Update

CDs of [ samizdat-001 ] Thug Nation are available for purchase via the Bandcamp music site or in person wherever you find me and my stealth supply (see Upcoming Gigs below). Wrapped in anonymous brown paper and unadorned save for the serial number, these little beauties have been specifically designed to keep you safe from the prying eyes (and ears) of the regime’s goon squads and censors.

Of the limited pressing of 200 CDs only 195 are left, so get yours while they last!

Order CDs here (CD includes the bonus track: Fleetwood Mac’s “Say You Love Me” the Zombie Love Song Version).

What’s the [ samizdat ] project again? For those of you still reeling from November’s shock and all the recent racist aftershocks, steady your resolve by visiting the samizdat ] project page.


Still reading? You are made of mighty stuff, or have too much time on your hands. Regardless, thank you! See you out there.


Listen to [ samizdat-001 ] Thug Nation

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