Monday, January 18, 2010

New Tunes

Maybe it's the new year. Maybe it's because I'm starting to write lists, as everyone in the know suggests for success. Maybe it's because Scottie brought a new song in and I'm just that competitive. Maybe I just lucked up.

Whatever the reasons, and I'm sure there are a more than one, two new songs have emerged in the past few days from the primordial ooze of my creative juices. Two more are sliming ahead in their own evolutions. By month's end I might just have four new songs, which is three more for the month than I targeted on my new year's list. And a daunting target for next month!

I have to admit I'm in a rather dark place lately. Lots of friends are going through tough times. We're all getting older. The things that hit me hard, the things that want to become song material, come from what might seem like staid suburbia, but there's so much pain out there burdening so many good friends it insinuates itself into my consciousness and, when I put pick to guitar, what emerges reflects (shadows?) all those shifting landscapes. What we thought we knew, the lives we thought we were leading, nothing is turning out the way we expected.

I'll post soon on both new tunes.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Robi's Page of Gobbledegook: Robbledegook!

Let's just for a moment assume I have something to say. Let's say it may or may not have something to do with my band, The Late Joys, for which I toil in the realm of social media to the neglect of any non-musical creative output. Let's say this might be a good place to scribe all that other stuff. Maybe let's give it a try.

I'm verbose. Perhaps that's not explicitly the correct usage for writing reams and reams of self-imagined fluff, folly, facts and fantasies (to the great disappointment of Mr. Orwell). Yet type-type-typitty-type-type I go. The digital counterpart to "'blah, blah,' I go." Which I do, too. And if much of what ultimately airs and inks is gobbledegook, and if it hails from Robi, is it not "Robbledegook?"

Expect, then, that this forum is a place for me to jam on words, thoughts, ideas, dreams and all the unsung prose and poesy that's getting crowded out by the musical me.

So just for a moment, let's pause and take a deep breath...and then, as the Feelies once sang, "Let's go!"