Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Robi at the E Street Cafe

While on vacation in Encinitas at my folks' place I thought it'd be good to play a solo gig at a local SoCal venue and the E Street Cafe obliged with a Monday night spot on the spiffy little stage at the smart cyber cafe. Besides the regulars and stragglers and anglers, surfers and coffee sergeants, my parents' friends arrived in quantifiable numbers for what turned out to be a rather good gig. Thank you, Yancey, Brian and all the folks at the E Street Cafe!

To make some "ambient noise" for a couple hours I plugged into an amp for vocals and strummed my guitar. The guitar, my acoustic Gibson (the relatively new one), I purchased maybe a dozen years ago from just up the road in Encinitas. A homecoming of sorts. My parents took up the front table and peopled it with their pals, lots of Hungarians; auld home night. It was nice to be able to chat with those who wanted to hear the deep background to my tunes and just as nice to hear those "ambient" listeners in all nooks of the room applaud on occasion. Best received songs? Black and White, Everybody's Going Away, Honestly.  Felt good the whole evening, honestly!

The two set lists in full:

Set One
Land of 1,000 Girls (Scruffy the Cat)
Haymarket Rain (the "local" version)
Cheap Luxuries
Sweet Pretenses
She's Got A New Spell (Billy Bragg)
Little Swimsuit
We're Going Steady Now
Ghost Town
Just Like Gravity
Everybody's Going Away

Set Two
A Tilt Of The Cap, A Handshake And A Beer
Windsor Road
(The Angels Want To Wear My) Red Shoes (Elvis Costello)
Infinite Kiss
Black and White
Like Big Girls Do
Twisty System
(What's So Funny About) Peace, Love And Understanding (Nick Lowe)

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